Characterization of optical components

We have been responsible for developing and producing unique spectrophotometer accessories and other optical measurement solutions for customers all over the world. Depending on the complexity of the solution, we generally require only 4 - 6 months to deliver a tailor made solution for your problem.

We developed spectrophotometry accessories for measuring absolute reflection on highly reflecting samples, not only at near-normal incidence but also at oblique incidence for incident angles up to more than 80 degrees. The accessories are designed for use with a high-performance UV/Vis/NIR industrial spectrophotometer and are widely used for the accurate characterization of mirrors and other optical components.

The need for reliable measurement techniques for optical characterisation of thin films is growing. In the past, we have developed a manual tool for measuring angular dependency of optical properties with high accuracy. This tool is currently in use in over 40 laboratories for the characterization of coated window glass and optical filters. It has also proven to be a valuable instrument for thin film analysis by Variable Angle Spectroscopy. An update on our latest developments includes an Automated Goniometer tool for Variable Angle Spectroscopy and BRDF/BTDF measurements and tools for measuring absolute reflectance and transmittance with the measurement spot at a fixed size and position on the sample.
See some examples of our tools for angular measurement under products

Our IR Reflection set-up for the PerkinElmer Spectrum 100 FTIR Spectrophotometer is the only tool available on the market capable of accurately measuring emissivity on square meter size glass samples.