The UL270 is a unique accessory that allows new accuracies to be achieved in the measurement of light-diffusing materials.
The use of light-diffusing materials such as patterned cover glasses used in solar cells and textured/coated glasses used in buildings and greenhouses is increasing. In solar cell applications, patterned glass captures and traps the light better within the structure ensuring maximum cell efficiency. In greenhouses, the use of diffuse glass optimizes distribution of light for improved plant growth. The ability to measure the transmission and reflection properties of these materials accurately is a key requirement in the development and manufacture of high efficiency solar cells and light-diffusing glazing.
Integrating spheres are widely used for the reflectance and transmittance of light-diffusing samples. For many applications including diffuse reflection measurements small sphere accessories are an excellent choice. The increasing demand for accurate diffuse transmittance measurements however poses a challenge for smaller spheres.
Working in collaboration with PerkinElmer, OMT Solutions, an R&D led technology company specialized in the characterization of optical materials for the glass and solar industry has developed an accessory to meet these demanding measurement needs. This accessory, the UL270, enables light-diffusing materials to be measured more reliably and accurately than ever before.

ul270 transmittanceUL270 reflectance

Main features
• Minimum wavelength range 300 – 2,450 nm.
• Angle of incidence 8 degrees in both transmission and reflection;
• Measurement accuracy < 0.2T% and < 0.5R% for a specular sample;
• Sample size up to at least 250 mm x 400 mm;
• Sample orientation: horizontal;
• Sphere diameter 270 mm inner diameter;
• Sphere material: Spectralon;
• Sphere entrance port diameter 100 mm or 50 mm (both with help of an insert);
• Beam diameter at sample position 20 mm circular;
• Detector UV/Vis: photomultiplier tube (PMT);
• Detector NIR: Broadband InGaAs with triple stage Peltier cooling;


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