Microscope tool for Spectrophotometer

Our spectrophotometer accessory has been developed to offers new measurement capability, responding to the needs of the laser optics and coating industry to measure an ever increasing number of samples at an ever decreasing size
Measurements are performed using a well defined measurement geometry. This allows the resulting spectra to be used for detailed coating analysis (determination of thin film layer thickness and optical constants).
The measurement spot size can be controlled by an adjustable aperture that is imaged onto the sample with a 36x size reduction. The largest spot size is 50 μm x 120 μm and the minimum spot size approximately 20 μm x 20 μm.
The optional automated XY stage can be equipped with a sample holder that contains a large batch of samples positioned on an XY grid. For example, 121 small samples can be positioned at 5 mm intervals on a 50 x 50 mm grid. The instrument can be programmed to measure these samples automatically one by one.


 Key features:

  • Spot size : variable in the range 20 μm – 120 μm
  • Wavelength range: 250 nm – 3,000 nm (depending on spot size and instrument settings)
  • Angle of incidence: 25.0° in average (equally distributed in the range 17.3° - 32.7°)
  • Polarisation of the incident beam : Random
  • Measurement mode : Reflectance and transmittance

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