IR Reflectance Set for emissivity

Our IR reflection set provides a complete solution for State-of-the-Art measurement of the emissivity of coated glazing products according to International Standards
In the context of European Standardisation with the introduction of CE mark and methods for the evaluation of conformity of products there is an urgent need to improve and standardise as much as possible the measurement methods pertaining to emissivity measurements.
The IR reflection set is based on the recommendations of the EU funded THERMES project, thatproperly dealt with these issues and provided the necessary co-normative research.

  • Angle of incidence 10
  • Horizontal 3-point sample support
  • Set of calibrated reference mirrors included
  • Unlimited sample size
  • Adaptor plate for small samples
  • Build-in laser for assisting the alignment of large and very small samples
  • Measurements on foils possible

IRR references

A unique feature of the accessory is that it makes measurements on large tempered glass panes possible. Also very small samples (as small as 5 mm) that are generally difficult to align, can be measured with this accessory.
The accessory is equipped with a 3-point sample support for maximum stability and accuracy. A laser alignment system is built in to enable checking and adjusting the alignment of large panes. A stable horizontal sample positioning for large panes (> square meter size) is obtained with the help of two separate support pillars, height adjustable, to be positioned on the same table as the instrument.

Note: this accessory is sold by PerkinElmer, P/N L1250600



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