IV Accessory

Our directional absolute reflectance accessories are the only commercially available accessories on the market offering the possibility of performing absolute reflectance measurements at near-normal as well as oblique incidence, at an accuracy level comparable with that of metrology laboratories.
The IV method is intended for flat specular samples with metallic and multilayer dielectric coatings having reflectance values > 25%, like laser mirrors and beamsplitters.

IV 2

Key features:

  • Measurement of the square of the reflectance
  • Angles of incidence in the range 9 - 75 degrees (80 degrees for large enough front surface mirrors)
  • Suitable for 25 mm size samples
  • Angular calibration through averaging over "positive" and "negative" angles
  • Wavelength range of 190 - 2600 nm at (near-)normal incidence and 220 - 2500 nm at oblique incidence (limited by the range of the polarizer)
  • Separate measurements for p- and s-polarisation (GlanTompson polarizer included)
  • Easy alignment through the use of a Class II miniature laser

Note: this accessory is sold by PerkinElmer, P/N L6310206 (for Lambda 650/750/850/950/1050)

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