About us

Dr. Peter A. van Nijnatten, General Manager and founder of OMT Solutions, started his scientific career in 1982 at the Van Swinden Laboratory (VSL) of the Dutch National Metrology Institute NMI (www.nmi.nl), where he worked on developing technical facilities for primary temperature standards. In 1987 he continued his career at the Dutch organisation for scientific research TNO as Project Manager Glass Product Research up to 1995 and as Program Manager Optical Measurements and Testing since 1996. In 1995 he founded the Optical Measurements & Testing group (OMT) which formed the base for OMT Solutions. He worked in various EC funded international projects as team member (ADOPT, WinDat) and as co-ordinator (THERMES) and is currently vice-chairman of the ICG (International Commission on Glass) Technical Expert Committee TC10: Optical Properties of Glass. He is author or co-author of > 80 papers and 7 patents. His current research is focussing on developing accurate methods for characterisation of diffuse and patterned glazing, thin film analysis and optical characterisation at cryogenic temperatures of materials for space applications.

Publications overview

Mr. Serge Timmermans is our Business Manager. He started his career in OMT at TNO in 2000, first as researcher spectrophotometry and later as optical engineer and IPMA-C certified project manager. He is a specialist in reflection and transmission spectroscopy, optical characterisation of materials at high sample temperatures and gives training in Optical Measurement techniques. He is also responsible for the projectschedules, coordination and day-to-day operations.

Mr. Jurgen de Wolf is our Senior System Engineer. He started his career in OMT at TNO in 1995 in the Optical Measurements & Testing group, first as researcher spectrophotometry and later as opto-mechanical engineer. He specialises in calibration of reference materials and is qualified as technical auditor. He is co-author of 4 papers and 2 patents

Mr. Ivo Schoofs is our Project Manager Spectrophotometer Accessories. He started his career in OMT at TNO in 1996, first as researcher spectrophotometry and later as project manager. He is an expert in UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometry, in particular directional optical measurements. He is currently responsible for  the testing and trouble shooting of most of our products. He is co-author of 4 papers and 1 patent

Mrs. Miranka Dominicus - van den Acker is our Lab manager. She started her career in OMT at TNO in 2000 and is responsible for most of our calibrations and optical measurements for our customers. She also responsible for maintaining our quality procedures.

Mr. Roel van Gaal is our junior System engineer. He is responsible for the assembly and the mechanical engineering of several spectrophotometer accessories.